Hi reader,

I typically get pretty overwhelmed by shopping in actual stores, but I’ve had a hard time with quality and fit while shopping online (duh). After the garage sale, I wanted to try to get a few pieces to add to my wardrobe at a thrift boutique. I cannot say that I filled very many holes, but having a few more things for summer will be awesome! The items are brands that I am familiar/comfortable with (J. Crew, Loft, and Lou & Grey), while not breaking the bank. With a $10 off coupon, I spent $32 total (incl. tax) on 3 clothing items, which is not bad at all!

I also found a tray for my dining table, which can either stand up on legs or will lay flat. This is not at all a necessity, but I’ve been looking for one that fit (to hold my plants) for a long while! It was $22 total.

Overall, I’m counting it as a success! I’m loving the colorful shorts especially.. Stretchy waistband with pockets? Count me in! I’m excited to go back in the future, since they add new items every weekday.

Where do you go for deals, reader? What have you scored lately?


2 thoughts on “thrifting

  1. Not really “scored” any deals but recently I was killing time in Mall of America while on a business trip and purchased a pair of shoes at 50% discount because I needed a new pair.

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    • That’s awesome, and definitely a score! Before I started thrifting, I almost always went to the sales first to see what I could get. I try to only rarely buy full price. Cheers!


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